Sastri Bridge in Konkan Railway

The construction of the Railway bridge over Sastri river, which is one of the major bridges in Konkan Railway and is located near Sangameswar in Ratnagiri District of Maharastra State was awarded by the Konkan Railway Conporation to GEOTECH.'

The Bridge has 12 spans of 30 metre each.

The construction of the work completed in June 1995. 1708 Tonnes Cement and 1065 Tonnes of Steel were used on the work

The Foundation

The foundation consisted of 20 to 25 metre long bored cast in situ, RCC Piles 1200mm and 1500mm dia, founded on hard rock with embedment of 1.5M

The Substructure.

The abutments are of Reinforcement Cement Concrete of the Spill-through type with butterfly wings
Piers, also of RCC, are of the hollow cylindrical type about 18 Metre long

The Superstructure

Pre stressed, post tensioned box girders, each weighing over 320 Tonnes, precast at the casting yard were launched using launching girder and placed in position over Neoprene Bearings