Slipways- and allied works at Goa Shipyard Vasco-da-gama-Goa

The Goa shipyard limited had entrusted the construction of two new slipways after demolishing existing slipways to Geotech.

The consulting engineering services (India) Private Ltd, New delhi were the consultants of the work.

Slipway No 1 is 182.50 M long NO II is 215.50 M Long. The land side end of the slipway is at a level of +6.00 M and the water side end is at -6.00 M. About 90 M length of both slipways were constructed under water

A special feature of this work was that the Precast Beams were placed under water. Institu concreting between beams was also done under water.

The superstructure consists of RCC pile caps, Precast Longitudinal and Cross Beams and cast-in-situ Floor involving 4574 Cubic meters of RCC work

Salient Features

SI.No Item Approx.Qty
1 Construction of 1200mm dia RCC bored cast-in-situ plies. 2685 M
2 Construction of 1000mm dia RCC bored cast-in-situ plies. 638 M
3 Construction of 600mm dia RCC bored cast-in-situ plies. 1260 M
4 Diaphragm wall 60cm thick. 1591 M2
5 RCC in Pile caps, Beams and Deck slab etc. 4574 M3
6 Dredging work. 5172 M3
7 Design installation and removal of Steel sheet pile Cofferdams. LS
8 Installation of trolleys tracks with CR-SO rails over the Slipway. 1592 M
9 Site installation charges.pile load test and all other miscellaneous work. LS
10 Escalation amount. LS