Salient Features of Gangolli

Fishing Harbour Construction

The diaphragm walls were constructed by -

  • Providing RCC guide walls after making suitable bund along the of wall alignment.
  • Trenching to be required level using specially made Kelly grab system attached to a crawler crane.
  • The trench below the guide wall was kept stabilised by bentorite circulation.
  • The convex / concave ends of primary / secondary panels were ensured with the use of semi circular form tubes.
  • Concreting was done using tremie piles.
    • 2800 m3 of M25 grade concrete went into the construction of diaphragm walls.
    • 230 tonnes of reinforcement bars were used for the D. Wall construction.
    • The diaphragm walls were linked to deadman provided on the rear side using M.S. tie rods.
    • For depressing the wharf frontage to the prescribed level 53,000m3 of dredging had to be done.

Other Major Components of the Project

  • Concrete hardstand i.e. concrete pavement over compacted sub grade and base course-over the full length of the wharf viz - 403 metres.
  • Road works over an area of 6500 m2 for vehicular traffic inside the harbour premises.
  • Construction of Auction Hall having 1260 m2 area.
    • Installation of following fixtures meant for smooth functioning of the fishing harbour:
    • i) 81 Nos. 5 tonne capacity cast steel bollards
    • ii) 81 Nos. G.I. mooring rings
    • iii) 270 Nos. Rubber tyre fenders - using half tractor tyres.