To construct and deliver projects on time

Total Cost of Ownership is key measure of an Infrastructure Asset. Ultimately the lower the Total Cost of Ownership the higher the Return on Investment. When access to the physical assets such as plant, equipment and capital are available to all at the same cost how does one differentiate and provide a better Return on Investment.

The answer is key measures, Insight, Intelligence and Learning. Today we can measure what we do in real time and therefore can take actions on the go and achieve the desired result without any regrets. It is precisely the reason why we have implemented some of the robust processes from design to delivery and analytical tools that helps us to measure project quality schedule and cost in real time. Because we know ultimately it is the knowledge of these processes and the ability to watch those leading and lagging measures of cost, quality and time along with domain knowledge, expertise and experience of our people that eventually make a difference in the Total Cost of Ownership for our customers

Geotech Offshore Structures Pvt Ltd is one of the group companies of Geotech with an exclusive focus on Marine Structures especially in the Port and Harbour Infrastructure space. The company is run by a board consisting of some of the experts in the field of design and execution of Berths, Jetties, Wharfs and Quay walls built on Bored-cast-in-situ piles, Diaphragm Walls and Sheet Piles structures.

Geotech has more than three decades of project execution experience and has built some landmark structures for the country.