The Main Jetty Construction

  • The Main Jetty is 371 meters long, 15 meters wide, parallel to the shore and about 70 meters away.
  • The Hard Standing is 45 meters long and 16.30 meters wide. adjoining the Main Jetty.
  • The approach to the Main Jetty is 52 meters long and 9 meters wide.
  • Supply and Installation of :
    • 354 meters long Crane Rail Track.
    • 372 Ruber Fenders of various size with chains.
    • Fixtures like ladders, mooring rings, cope timber etc.
    • 35 cast iron bollards of 50 tones 'long pull capacity, each weighning 1.9 tonnes.
    • service pipe lines for fresh water, salt water and compressed air.

The Superstructure

The Superstucture comprises of a combination of precast and cast-in-situ concrete of about 5000 cubic meters in Cochin backwaters . The precast beams in casting yard 200 meters away are conveyed in barges and erected in position by cranes requiring skill of very high order.

The work was planned and executed in the most efficient manner to attain the maximum perfection.

The substructure

The substructure consists of 140 bored cast-in-situ piles of 1.22 meters dia and 15 piles of.76 meter dia which are founded at the depths of -43 meters. These piles are executed adopting the End on method,using 3 piling platforms at peak period simultaneously. Totally about 450 Metric tones of Mild steel plates are used for the provision of the permanent steel liners

Our Client states that,

M/S GEOTECH had the neccessary machinery and equipment like Cranes, Batching plant, Piling rig, grantres, pontoons, barges, hoists, generators, Air compresors, concrete mxers, welding sets pumps etc. The quality of work and the rate of progress were both satisfactory and the work was completed in good time